Learner Progress Check Success

Leeds City Learning Centres have just had a very successful annual Learner Progress Check from Children Leeds. The Learner Progress Check ensures that the courses we offer to schools are of the highest possible standard. All aspects of the courses are looked at including: learner progress, internal and external verification procedures, assessment and feedback.

Some quotes from the report:

A well organised provider with many areas of good practice. There was excellent evidence of course organisation and monitoring of learner progress ensuring that they will achieve established outcomes.

Student handbook – good level of detail on essentials such as contacts for H & S, child protection etc, course details including the scheme of work. ‘Success guide’ – good aide-memoire for learners. Samples of unit guides in master files.

There was also strong evidence of assessor feedback given to learners supported by SMART targets so as to ensure learner progress and achievement. All assignments and assessments were subject to rigorous internal moderation in line with Awarding Organisation policies and procedures.

There was a high standard of work provided covering a good range of evidence to suit learners needs.

About Michelle Hoole

Teacher Advisor at the City Learning Centres, based at the Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre.
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