Achieving excellence through technology – is your school ready?

YHGfL and Leeds City Council are pleased to announce this jointly organised conference to take place on 21st June 2013.

This conference aims to assist senior leaders in answering key questions, for example

  • How will your school react to the new curriculum?
  • Does your school use ICT strategically in teaching, learning and management?
  • How eSafe are your staff and students?
  • Will your next Ofsted be positive about your school’s eSafety provision?
  • Is your technology saving you time and money?
  • Have you got an ICT strategy and related budget for the next 3 years?
  • Why are you being bombarded with confusing deals and offers relating to technology?

You can download the flyer here - Achieving excellence through technology or to find out more and to secure a place, go to YHGFL

About Michelle Hoole

Teacher Advisor at the City Learning Centres, based at the Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre.
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