Leeds Young Filmakers Golden Owl Awards: As it happens

The team of 13 reporters, filmmakers, photographers and bloggers have been developing their skills in preparation for this event for weeks. They've had training sessions at North East Leeds CLC in photography, blogging and filmaking from CLC staff, they've even had some presentation training from "This Morning" star Glen Campbell.

This page will contain the full posts created by the students as they document the Golden Owls.

Golden Owl Awards 2013 – its started!!

The guests and VIPs  are arriving on the red carpet of Leeds Town Hall for the 2013 Golden Owl Awards, eager to see the wealth of young film-making talent Leeds has to offer on the bigger screen.  It promises to be a night enjoyment as clips from the shortlisted films are about to be shown…The CLC Team all hope you have a very enjoyable evening…

Crew Interviews

The crew have interviewed the people from Logistik and Leeds Film – Sharon and Nick.  Sharon is the Project Manager for Logistik. She is helping to set up the town hall ready for the ceremony.


Nick is the Communications Manager for Leeds Film and is helping to make as many people as possible aware of the Golden Owls Film Awards.

Almost ready but not very steady!

The golden award stand.

Setting up the stage.


Setting up the VIP room.


The team blogging and tweeting.


Where have we seen this before?


VIP Room set up….


Compere for the evening is Dean Smith

Opening introductions from Councillor Judith Blake, Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Executive

Key Stage One 

Presented by Lord Mayor of Leeds Councillor Ann Castle

With nominations from:  Victoria Primary, Calverley Parkside Primary, Westroyd Infant School and Westgate Primary

Key Stage Two Schools

Presented by The Children’s Mayor Oliver Larking and Councillor Judith Blake

With nominations from:  Grange Farm Primary, St Theresa’s Catholic Primary and Calverly Parkside Primary

 Individuals Under 11

Presented by Councillor Roger Harrington, Councillor for Gipton and Harehills

With nominations from:  Katie Jones, Seth Powell and Zion Webber, Ethan Sherridan, Finn Spellacy, Ben Worth

Community Groups Under 11

Presented by Mark Catley, stage and TV writer.

With nominations from:  Sanctuary Housing, Lifeforce, Ebor Gardens

Schools & Community Groups

Presented by Adam Ogilvie, Executive Member for Leisure and SkillsWith

With nominations from:  1st Stanningley Scout Troop, Carr Manor Community School, Willow Young Carers

Individuals 12 – 15

Presented by Dominic Brunt, film director and producer and Danny Miller, Actor

With nominations from:  William Burns & Luke Moran, Dan Moore, Amy Beedle

Schools and Colleges 14 – 19

Presented by Councillor Jane Dowson, Deputy Executive Board Member (Learning)

With nominations from:  Leeds city college, Carr Manor Community School, Leeds City College Creative Media Production

Individuals 16-19

Presented by Marc Allot, Creative Services Director at Logistics

With nominations from:  Kara Nelson, Oliver Broadbent, Alfie Barker

MediaFish Perspective Award

Presented by Martin Grund, Acting Director Leeds Young Film

Nominations from:  Calverly Parkside Primary – Key Stage 2, Kara Nelson – Individuals, William Burns & Luke Moran – Individuals 12-15.

MediaFish is a group of young people aged 14 – 19 who are passionate about film.  Together they help plan, programme and run the Leeds young film festival, represent Leeds and the Uk at other Film festivals and have even made their own films.

Special thanks to this year’s partners and sponsors:
Artforms, Leeds Young Films Festival, Leeds City Learning Centres, Breeze and Logistik.


Prep the Props – Golden Owl Awards 2013

The props are being ‘unbubblewrapped’ in preparation for tonights ceremony.  The team  have been fed and watered. The technology is set up ready to tweet, blog  and share with the world.

There aren’t many people here yet, but logistiks and the team are here and ready.

General Video of the Town Hall set up.

Check back soon for posts as the day progresses…

Looking Back at The Golden Owl Awards 2012

Lets remind ourselves of last years Golden Owl Awards, the fabulous “OSCARS” style event  which took a place at Leeds Town Hall in March 2012.

The awards represents the culmination of an exciting film competition open to all schools in Leeds and offers a public platform to celebrate the best of young people’s film making across the city.

We can’t wait for The Golden Owls 2013!

For LCC Colleagues here is the direct link:  GOLDEN OWLS


We would like to say a big thank you to the hard-working crew! Without you we wouldn’t be able to have such a successful day!

Thank you to:

  • Trust Ncube
  • Leeroy Chamunorwa
  • Daniel Willis
  • Emily Sambidge
  • Samson Kunin
  • Benjamin Fingret
  • Millie Bickler
  • Shihab Uddin
  • Afnan Rashid
  • Charley – Mae Foster
  • Imran Naushad
  • Yash Raval
  • Harry Tidswell

We would like to say a big thank you to CLC members of staff who were involved  in the event:

Jelena Zindovic and Graham Ponton (student coordinators and organisers)

Chris Boylan, Steve Limb and Tom Yau (in charge of the technical aspects of the event).

We are looking forward to next years event already!





Winners and Awards

The winners are:

3 – 7 years category

Shire Oak CE Primary: ‘The Monkey Who Wanted to Fly’

 8 – 11 years category

Calverley Parkside Primary: ‘The Hat’

12 – 15 years category

The Zone Youth Centre: ‘Where DId All the Bagels Go?’

16 – 19 years category

Leeds City College: ‘Devil Take The Hindmost’

Mixed age category

East Leeds FM (Heads Together): ‘The Story Seller’

 Individual category

Alfie Barker: ‘Imagine’

Overall Winner

Alife Barker

Interviews of the VIPs

Our presenting team were lucky enough to be able to grab a few of the VIPs and attendees.  Check out their short interviews below…



Winner – Alfie Barker (Roundhay High School)



Lord Mayor Councillor Reverand Alan Taylor



Councillor Judith Blake  


Director of Children Services -Nigel Richardson




Arts Manager – Artforms – David Prosho




 Stage and TV Writer –  Mark Catley










Red Carpet Arrivals

People are flocking in like sheep here to support the people getting awards, or just for fun. The event seems to bee a huge success with over 600 guest having arrived so far…

Video Interviews of some VIPs coming soon…